Brian Olson
Olson Photo & Design

About Me

I have well over 20 years of photography, graphic design, and print experience. I love to dabble in all forms of art and create for the sole purpose of creating. If I need or want something, I create it. I stay very busy with music and the arts and most recently in the past few years have reignited my passion for photography that melds traditional work with advanced digital expression. I am constantly drinking in information in all areas of art that interest me...I love to learn! My portfolio consists of fine art, painting, drawing, 3D modeling, corporate identity and photography. My motto is: "There is nothing I can not do"!

Fun Facts

I have 2 wonderful, grown daughters.

I am dive certified.

I used to be a Fire Fighter in the U.S. Air Force.

I can fix anything.

I was born in Germany.


I am a musician at heart. I have been playing guitar for well over 25 years and love music of all kinds. I love to ride my Harley, target shoot and ride mountain bike on single-track.
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